Wood Dog Barbeque Sauces



If you’re looking for a sweet and spicy, vinegar-based barbeque sauce that is easy to eat and mild enough to glaze your favorite fish with, then Wood Dog Carolina Style Mild Barbeque Sauce is the sauce for you! Baste your pork, slather your chicken, heck..pour it on your taters! You won’t be able to get enough! So paw-lickin’ good and mild even our little one’s love it!




*Two Peppers on Woody’s bandana means Caution…May be too spicy for some folks!*

Second verse, spicier than the first! It’s our very same recipe but with an added kick in the britches. We ‘aint gonna cause blisters on your tongue but you’ll feel that sweet and spicy kick alright!



*WARNING…Three Pepper Alert!*

This is for all you professional hot sauce eaters who swear it can’t get too hot fer ya. Wood Dog Hot might just bite cha back! *

Get ready for a paw-lickin’ whoooooeeee taste sensation that’ll light your taste buds on fire, turn them inside-out and make you wanna slap yo’ momma! That’s right folks, hold onto your britches with this sauce. It’s so good and so spicy that you’ll swear you can’t eat another bite but, oohhhh…you won’t be able to help yourself! Chow Time!